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Northern Label is a hazardous chemical label specialist focusing on companies who produce or handle hazardous materials and those that require GHS compliant labels. If you manufacture chemicals, cleaning agents, chlorine or other potentially hazardous products, our labels for chemical manufacturers will withstand the possible defacement and disfigurement. Choose from a fully pre-printed label for ultimate durability or print your own labels with a thermal transfer printer.

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Hazardous Chemical Labels

  • (4) Skull/Cross-Bones(4) Skull/Cross-Bones
  • CorrosiveCorrosive
  • Poison LabelsPoison Labels

DOT (Department of Transportation) Warning Labels

Printed, 4 mil vinyl, extremely aggressive permanent adhesive with outdoor fade-resistant inks.

Yellow Triangle

Hazardous Warning Labels

Printed 4 mil automotive grade vinyl with extreme aggressive adhesive and outdoor automotive grade fade resistant inks.

Flammable LiquidFlammable Liquid

Flammable Liquid Drum Label

Printed, 4-color laser imprintable on 4 mil vinyl.  BS-5609 certified compliant (British Standard), IMDG certified (International Maritime of Dangerous Goods).

GHS Pictograms and Hazardous Chemical Labeling Requirements

If you are not familiar with the hazard symbols used to classify and label chemicals under new Globally Harmonized System (GHS) rules, the following information will help you. Use this reference to help identify GHS pictograms, labels, and images, and understand what they mean. They define specific hazards to help you work safely around hazardous chemicals.

GHS Pictograms
Chemical manufacturers, importers, and distributors must label containers of hazardous chemicals with the appropriate elements listed below:

1. Product Identifier

Chemical name exactly as it is on the SDS. If the mixture is covered by UN model regulations for transport of dangerous goods, the UN shipping name should also appear on the label.

2. Signal Word

The appropriate signal word should be printed on the label that corresponds to the class of the most severe hazard - "Danger" for more severe or "Warning" for less severe. The label should contain only one signal word.

3. Hazard Statements(s)

Standardized statements assigned to a hazard class and category describing the nature and degree of the hazard(s) of a chemical.

4. Pictograms*

The are nine GHS pictograms, shown above, to choose from that have common characteristics of the black symbol within a red diamond border. Each are intended to convey information about the hazards of a chemical. Note: Certain GHS pictograms should not be present together when pertaining to the same chemical hazard to avoid confusion. If a transport pictogram is present, a GHS pictogram for the same hazard should not be displayed.

5. Precautionary Statement(s)

Phrases describing recommended measures to be taken to minimize or prevent adverse effects resulting from exposure to hazardous chemical, or improper storage or handling of a hazardous chemical.

6. Supplier Identification

Name, address, and telephone number of the chemical manufacturer, importer, or distributor of the substance or mixture should be provided on the label.

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FREE Label Sample Kit

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  • 4 Mil & 2.5 Mil Label TEST Sheets
  • Price Lists for Blank or Printed Labels

As Low As:

$255.00 for 1,000 of 8 1/2" X 11" Label Sheets

$290.00 for 1,000 of 8 1/2" X 14" Label Sheets

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